If you want the financial freedom to spend your retirement with independence and dignity you should talk to us.

A Heartland Reverse Mortgage will allow you to borrow against the equity in your home, without having to sell, by releasing funds for a well-earned and comfortable retirement.

Heartland is proud to be Canstar’s 2018 Reverse Mortgage Provider of the Year, and to have won the Money Magazine Best Reverse Mortgage for three consecutive years.  These awards are wonderful endorsements of our product and demonstrate the value we offer to our customers who are looking to live the retirement they deserve.

At Heartland we recognise that flexibility is extremely important for Australian seniors. That’s why a Heartland Reverse Mortgage provides flexible drawdown options, and the ability to repay, partially or in full, at any time, without penalty. We also offer considerable borrower protection. This gives our customers peace of mind and enables them to live a dignified retirement, in their own home, with independence.

This Reverse Mortgage section of our website explains in some detail exactly what the Heartland Reverse Mortgage is, how it works and how it could help you.

Home equity release is a new idea for some, so if you need more information, please remember we are only a phone call away. Simply call us on 1300 889 338. You may also find our Information Pack useful. 

Heartland's product is market leading and this, combined with personal service, makes Heartland Seniors Finance the reverse mortgage lender of choice for many Australian seniors. Can we help you live a better retirement? 

Money magazine Best of the Best Winner - 4 years running

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