Heartland's loan book hits half a billion dollars!

Written By Andrew Ford

07 September 2017

Heartland Seniors Finance passed an important milestone during August - $500m of finance receivables.

While this is something we are proud of, to me there are some much more important numbers:

  • 14,175, the number of Australian seniors we have assisted to live a better retirement over the last 13 years;
  • 250+, the number of accredited brokers who have assisted grow our new business by almost 500% in the last two years and who are genuine partners in the business; and, most importantly
  • 14, our growing team who are passionate, hard-working, knowledgeable, relationship focused and results driven, and are the key factor why Heartland is Australia’s leading reverse mortgage provider.


If you would like to talk about how we could help you, please feel free to contact our friendly team on 1300 889 338 or [email protected]



Information provided is accurate as at 07 September 2017 and may change from time to time


Andrew Ford, CEO, Heartland Seniors Finance

Andrew Ford is the CEO of Heartland Seniors Finance and has been with the Heartland group for over 15 years. He is passionate about reverse mortgages and the difference it can make to the lives of seniors.

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