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Please ensure you have completed your broker agreement and accreditation prior to submitting a client loan application. 

For more information please contact our dedicated Broker Support Team on 1300 662 865 or [email protected]

Reverse Mortgage Product Summary

A breakdown of our product features for a standard reverse mortgage, the investment property/holiday home option and the Aged Care option

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Unbranded A4 Reverse Mortgage Flyer

This marketing flyer is a guide for you to use when putting together your own marketing materials. Please note that this is a guide only, and Heartland in no way approves the form of any marketing material or flyers you produce which are based on the form of this flyer. The template is in Word format so that you customise it for your business.

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Postcode Lookup Tool Guide

A quick guide on how to use our Postcode Lookup Tool

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Postcode Lookup Tool

Check the locations where we able to provide our Reverse Mortgage and any specific lending criteria. To do this, click on the item you wish to search by (i.e. Postcode) and type your criteria in the search field (i.e. 2000).

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Heartland-MPA 2019 Webinar slides

Presentation slides used by Andrew Ford and Jeff Murray to explain how a reverse mortgage works, the benefits to the borrower, changes to the sector, and the advantages of adding this product to a broker’s portfolio.

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Understanding reverse mortgages - how can they help you?

A helpful explanatory article on reverse mortgages which can be used in your business for newsletters and blogs. Remember to use an appropriate disclaimer or important notice.

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Reverse Mortgage Infographic

A poster outlining the seniors demographic and reverse mortgage market in Australia.

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Reverse Mortgage Letter

A helpful letter template to use when contacting existing customers regarding your reverse mortgage offering. Remember to use an appropriate disclaimer or important notice.

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Elder Abuse Guide

Heartland is committed to preventing and detecting financial elder abuse. Here are the warning signs to be aware of, and our process if we have concerns.

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Power of Attorney Guide

Information regarding how Heartland assesses loan applications and post-settlement transactions which are to be signed for by a Power of Attorney or through a Guardianship or Administration order.

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