Why choose Heartland Seniors Finance for your clients?

  • Greater flexibility of terms Our eligibility requirements have greater flexibility making Heartland Seniors Finance the right option for more of your clients. For example, our minimum age is 60 years, our minimum property value is $200,000 and our minimum loan value is $5,000. We also accept investment properties or holiday homes as security. Loans that do not meet our lending standards are not automatically rejected and are reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • More options We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all. Heartland Seniors Finance offers a range of Reverse Mortgage options such as regular payments and cash reserve. We also offer an equity protection option of up to 50%.
  • Specifically tailored for Aged Care Our aged care option is a reverse mortgage with a 5 year term that is specifically designed for those who are entering aged care.
  • Tailored customer service and loan administration support We have a dedicated broker support team to assist you through the application process with your clients and provide ongoing loan administration support. We also operate a dedicated broker portal where you can access our latest updates, product information, application forms and helpful resources and templates. We are here to make your experience with Heartland as easy as possible.
  • Competitive interest rates We offer competitive interest rates.
  • Generous location restrictions Sign up to our broker portal to learn more.

Broker Portal Access

If you are interested in working with Heartland Seniors Finance and accessing our Broker Portal, please complete the request form below and click send. Your application will be reviewed and, if successful, you will receive your access details to the broker portal.

Inside the broker portal you will have access to all accreditation documents, resources, application forms, and requirements.

Broker Application Form

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