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This is what our customers think about our reverse mortgage and customer service.

A fresh start to her retirement image

A fresh start to her retirement

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a tremendous job Glen French has done for my mother-in-law. He treated her with the utmost respect, patience, understanding and empathy. We had a 5 star experience with Glen. My dear mother-in-law now has a more positive outlook and feels like she has a fresh start to her retirement with less stress and more opportunities and independence.”

May, 2019

Prompt, precise and excellent service

"I would recommend Heartland Seniors Finance to any prospective customers; they are prompt, precise and provide excellent service and I am very happy with the outcome of my financial arrangement. Thank you Heartland Seniors Finance."

March, 2019

Prompt, precise and excellent service image
Made sure I understood every aspect image

Made sure I understood every aspect

"I could not find fault with Heartland staff. They were happy to explain everything and made sure l understood every aspect of the agreement and contract. My solicitor complimented them on how thorough they are.

I found Heartland much more transparent than dealing with a bank and l would recommend them highly to others."

March, 2019

Big thanks

"Big thanks to Chris who was a delight to deal with from Day 1 - he was attentive, responsive, knowledgeable and understanding through the whole process which could be confusing for older folks. Would readily recommend Heartland!"

March, 2019

Big thanks image
Outstanding customer service image

Outstanding customer service

"Thanks Mark for outstanding customer service. Could not have gone smoother with attention to detail and information required. Would definitely recommend Heartland after our experience."

March, 2019

Helpful and knowledgeable

"Great service, easy to follow process, clear advice and excellent follow up throughout by the staff. Is refreshing to experience such positive and prompt customer service by email, phone and face to face. Mark and Jennifer from Melbourne office were particularly helpful and knowledgeable."

February, 2019

Helpful and knowledgeable image
A great service image

A great service

"A great service. The best you will find. I needed a quick service to help with travelling overseas. Chris was on top of it from the word go. Everything came through quickly and efficiently. Regular calls from Chris kept me informed all the way. This company truly understands how to support seniors. Superb!"

February, 2019

Helpful, pleasant and patient

"I have the greatest regard for Mark. Through our journey he has been helpful, pleasant and very patient. I would certainly recommend Heartland Seniors Finance to anyone."

December, 2018

Helpful, pleasant and patient image
Retirement dream realised image

Retirement dream realised

“I can now go on my cross country tour!“

November, 2018

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Complete understanding

"A thank you is not nearly enough for the way you have handled our reverse mortgage.

Your professionalism, bright manner and complete understanding of your subject made life so much easier.


November, 2018

Complete understanding image
Money for what's important image

Money for what's important

 “This extra money means that I can now afford to get another dog and, more importantly, look after her properly.”

October, 2018

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Responsive customer service

"Thank you Chris for all your professional and efficient service from the initial follow up call to finalizing the reverse mortgage for my parents. Great responsive customer has been a pleasure dealing with you."

October, 2018

Responsive customer service image
An easy and transparent process image

An easy and transparent process

"Chris was a delight to deal with. From the outset, he was efficient, courteous, professional, helpful and understanding. He possessed all the attributes required for any reluctant mortgagee, making the process easy and transparent."

October, 2018

We can face the days ahead more calmly

"Glen was excellent from Heartland. He very gently and calmly explained what my options were and stepped me through everything. Heartland was always available to answer any questions I had. I needed funds for massive ongoing hospital bills that my husband was going through and the last thing I needed was the financial stress. We took out a reverse mortgage and we are now able to face the days ahead more calmly. Thank You Glen and Heartland for helping us."

October, 2018

We can face the days ahead more calmly image
Straightforward and Professional image

Straightforward and Professional

"I have found the whole experience with Heartland Seniors Finance to be very straightforward and professional. The communication from all the team members I have been in contact with has been excellent. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Heartland Seniors Finance."

September, 2018

Humbling Words

"I'm going to refer my friends and family to Heartland Seniors Finance."

June, 2018 

Humbling Words image
The times, they are a-changin' image

The times, they are a-changin'

"... This money has allowed me to buy him Buzz Lightyear - his favourite!"

June, 2018

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A clearer view of retirement

"Thanks to Chris for the wonderful chats. I am so looking forward to my new carpet. I will always think of you all with a great deal of gratitude.”

June, 2018 

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A clearer view of retirement image
Walking in the footsteps of Greats image

Walking in the footsteps of Greats

"I will never forget your kindness. A celebration of you and the miracles you people perform every day..."

 May, 2018

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We trust you

"All seniors would find your information most valuable. There's so much information out there, most people think who do we trust? We trust you."

April, 2018

We trust you image
Made things more enjoyable image

Made things more enjoyable

"With the new car and house improvements in our stage of life made things more enjoyable." 

February, 2018

Community matters

"This loan has enabled us to remain in our home and continue to be useful members of a small community. The medical services provided here are excellent and we're both in need of them." 

January, 2018

Community matters image
I would do it again image

I would do it again

"I took a reverse mortgage out 10 years ago. It was the best thing to do as it has enabled me to stay on living by the beach where I love to be! I would do it again!!"

January, 2018

Better lifestyle

"Heartland Reverse Mortgage provided us extra income to supplement the pension, allowing for a good lifestyle."

January, 2018

Better lifestyle image
No more worrying image

No more worrying

"It is the best thing ever, not having to pay the mortgage every month."

January, 2018

These quotes are taken from letters written by our customers about what home equity release has meant for them. We require that you receive independent legal advice from your own freely chosen solicitor and strongly recommend that you talk to your financial adviser and your family when considering a Heartland Reverse Mortgage.

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