Customer Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Here, in their own words, are some examples of what home equity release has meant for other retirees.

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Enjoying Retirement

"My Heartland loan enabled me to travel, help family members and purchase a new car. I will be recommending your services to my friends."

Plans for the Future

"It is a great relief to have the financial pressures eased so we can make considered plans for the future."

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Hassle Free Experience

"I have on two occasions sought out Heartland Seniors Finance for a reverse mortgage loan and I have found each time their years of experience has made the process stress free."

You made a difference

"I am very grateful you took on our loan issue. I would have been totally lost without you. No one was getting back to me at all, regardless of any paperwork sent in, except you. I can't express how amazing you have been. You made a difference."

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Remain in your Home

“…I do want to thank you so much for allowing me to take out the loan, I certainly could not be in my own home without it.”

Peace of Mind

“My loan has given me peace of mind to pay my accounts. You have no idea what comfort that gives me and thank you for my Christmas card it shows you care even if you don’t know me.”


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It has got harder and harder to manage on just the pension.  I haven’t been able to clear my credit cards, pay a lawyer, pay my family money I owed them .  Now I can afford to have a gardener to smarten up my garden.  I can also have some house maintenance done.  I have had my washer and television for 27 and 25 years, so if they fail I can afford to replace them.

This has given me the freedom to do so many things .  In fact it has given me “Peace of Mind”.

Little luxuries

My husband and I have done nothing dramatic with the money – no world trip, no new car, no new hip joints – just freedom from worry about making ends meet, paying the rates and unexpected bills, and enjoying little treats without feeling guilty.

The one luxury we have indulged in is the installing of central heating throughout the house and never was a dollar better spent!

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We would like to say how happy we are with our loan, and how helpful this has been to us.  It enabled us to visit family in New Zealand during the year and also to spend two weeks in Fiji in September.

Since returning from Fiji I have not been very well.  Because there is such a long waiting list for health services in regional Australia, we have been fortunate enough to get an appointment with a specialist in Sydney next week.

None of these things would have been possible without the loan, so we want to thank you for the opportunity to do these things.

Enjoying life!

We now both have hearing aids and can whisper sweet nothings to each other and actually hear them.  After 54 years it is good that we actually want to whisper sweet nothings, but a bonus that we can hear them as well!

The ancestral manor is being painted outside to ensure it does not collapse before we do and just maybe there could be a holiday next year before we have to invest in Zimmer frames!

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A grand adventure image

A grand adventure

My loan has enabled me to fence my home thus making me feel very safe and secure, and peace of mind that I can keep warm by paying my heating account, I also visited America to visit my son and family and meet my new Great Grandson, this was a very special and pleasant occasion. My many thanks again.

Thank you

I would like to thank Heartland for your excellent support which on my Pension has enabled me to live in my home and to maintain my independence. I am also able to keep the property in good repair. Own and run my car and all the day to day running of my affairs.

Without Heartland all of this would not be possible. Thank you so much.

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Being independent

The loan has made a big difference. Peace of mind at being able to still be independent in my lovely home – a new fridge, some health treatment and chiefly to have arranged for an access elevator to be installed in the New Year to have easy access to my site.

A reason to smile

Thank you very much for getting my loan through in time for Christmas.  I had a great time with my family.

I have ordered a lounge suite to be made.  I will be having some decorating done and new carpet in the next few months and then I am going to England to see my relations and friends for a few weeks.  Last time it was 1987. 

Yes, you have given me a reason to smile.

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Enjoy the litttle things

Since the loan we have been able to repay the bank, replace our TV, washing machine, electric heaters, car repairs, and my wife has bought a computer, and we have managed to buy a few DVDs and CDs as we enjoy classical music, operas and ballets, and with a new DVD player we are able to enjoy these without leaving our sitting room.  Our children will have a little left when we “Pop our Clogs”.  In the meantime we intend enjoying our old age and would recommend home equity release – you definitely can’t take it with you.

Easy upgrade

Thank you for your prompt attention to our request for a further advance to enable my wife to change from a 32 year old manual to a small automatic car.  She finds this much easier to drive, thus we consider it a sound investment.

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I can remain as I am image

I can remain as I am

My heartfelt thanks to Heartland for allowing me to keep my wonderful independence after the death of my husband of 65 years, nearly 2 years ago.

With the help of Heartland I was able to purchase a small car, which allows me to do my own thing, and at 87 that means a great deal. I live alone in my two bedroom vial, few relatives and having outlived nearly all my friends, it gives me great peace of mind to know that for a little while longer, I can remain as I am.

My son readily agreed to my decision of 18 months ago.

Plans for the future

Thank you so much for having approved my application for a loan. This means a great deal for someone in my dire financial straits, and has allowed me to pay off a major debt and to make some plans for the future. You are a lifesaver, literally!

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These quotes are taken from letters written by our customers about what home equity release has meant for them. We require that you receive independent legal advice from your own freely chosen solicitor and strongly recommend that you talk to your financial adviser and your family when considering a Heartland Reverse Mortgage.