The 'smart' reverse mortgage is here.

Heartland Seniors Finance (previously known as Australian Seniors Finance) is one of Australia’s leading Reverse Mortgage providers. Established in 2004, Heartland Seniors Finance has helped thousands of people aged 60 and over release home equity to fund a better lifestyle in retirement.

As a non-bank lender and the only specialist Reverse Mortgage provider active in the market, Heartland Seniors Finance understands the needs of older borrowers. Heartland is proud to offer an important funding alternative for Australian pensioners and self-funded retirees. With flexible credit policies and a suite of innovative loan products, Heartland Seniors Finance is a Reverse Mortgage lender of choice for many Australian seniors and the Money Magazine Best Reverse Mortgage Winner for the past six consecutive years.

What our customers say

“…I do want to thank you so much for allowing me to take out the loan, I certainly could not be in my own home without it.”

Quote from a real Heartland borrower

“Thank you so much for having approved my application for a loan. This means a great deal for someone in my dire financial straits, and has allowed me to pay off a major debt and to make some plans for the future. You are a lifesaver, literally!”

Quote from a real Heartland borrower

Heartland Seniors Finance Special Offer

Heartland is pleased to extend our reduction in valuation and setup costs for all new loan applications until 30th June 2016. Click here for further information regarding this special offer.

For the sixth consecutive year, we are proud to be awarded Money Magazine’s Best Reverse Mortgage product.